What is Carbon Copy Pro? An Updated Version For 2010

What is Carbon Copy Pro? There have been many reviews out there on the internet, mostly by new members of Carbon Copy Pro and sometimes the new members aren’t delivering everything available to you to know exactly what Carbon Copy Pro is.
CCPro is an internet marketing system and community of entrepreneurs who teach, coach and educate others on how to become a successful internet marketing entrepreneur.
Is Carbon Copy Pro a business opportunity? I’ll answer that in a minute.
Carbon Copy pro was started back in 2005 and officially launched in October 2007. The company was founded by Jay Kubassek and Aaron Parkinson who were 2 hungry struggling entrepreneurs who had a passion to make it big in this industry.
These 2 guys finally cracked the code and figured out a very effective way to leverage the internet and make money on the internet and simply wanted to teach others.
Many people think Carbon Copy Pro is a home business opportunity. In my opinion, it CAN be, but more importantly CCPro will teach you how to leverage the internet to sell anything, to anyone, to anywhere on the PLANET at any time.
Carbon Copy pro will teach you to become a master at internet marketing. This is a life long skill that you can use to write your paycheck for life!
It doesn’t matter if you already have a business and need to know how to attract more people to it whether the business is online or offline line like a brick and mortar business. Ccpro will teach you how to get more traffic to your business.
This system has helped MLM Business owners market their products more effectively instead of their “traditional” ways of pitching to friends and family and holding home or hotel parties.
This system has helped people that have NEVER had experience owning a home business or online business. The system has a step by step action plan for everyone! Simply put, you plug into the system and follow the directions.
Now other reviews of Carbon Copy Pro state that you HAVE to market the financial education products. You DON”T have to, but the payouts when you align yourself with this product line, WILL pay You $900 – $9000 Per sale! So you may want to see this for yourself.
Carbon Copy Pro will teach you How to build a HUGE presence online to build YOUR brand. This system will allow you to implement strategies and techniques to allow you to make money when you aren’t working!!
Some marketers that use CCPro work only a few hours a week and are making well over a multiple 6 figure income a year.
Here are a just a few things Carbon Copy Pro provides:
Video Marketing – How to make effective videos to brand yourself or your business to have people constantly seeing YOU
Pay Per Click Marketing – This is a BIG ONE in the internet marketing industry. CCPro will teach you what most other network marketers are not doing with this and ways to prevent you from the “Google slap” Master this technique, and you are set for life.
Press Release marketing – You will learn how to write effective press release’s to have thousands of people looking at what you are doing.
Copywriting – Again, this one is HUGE also. What CCPro teaches you is to write effective ad copy for others to buy from you with their credit card already in hand! Basically, it’s writing words that sell!
Social Media – This has become a giant marketing module as well. You will learn how to leverage social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and more to have traffic flowing constantly to your website.
Carbon Copy Pro University – Jay and Aaron have also developed this “training course” for new members to get up and running with their business as quickly as possible and is just right for the “newbie marketer”. This is known as their “internet marketing college” if you will.
Advanced Autoresponders – These are the messages that will go out to the leads and communicate with them to brand yourself and all of the benefits the system will provide the potential team member. This will do the telling and selling for you.
These are just a few ways Carbon Copy Pro teaches to make money online. People don’t have to become a member to reap the benefits of this system. Every Monday night, Carbon Copy Pro lets guests that aren’t members yet to see how the members are making money online with the use of their Master Marketing Webinars that are held.
CCPro also lets not-yet-members in on other training calls such as the Leadership Mastermind call held every week that provides the inspiration that members may need to stay focused and on track with their goals.
This is a great way for people to see what CCPro is all about before possibly joining. Now, there is a small monthly fee to become a member of this elite community of entrepreneurs – the equivalent of a Starbucks drink everyday. But considering what you would be paying someone else to teach you ALL of these modules, this membership is a no brainer.
I tried to make this short and sweet, you’ll get more information at the bottom of this page that will detail the WHOLE system, or you can just simply go HERE and find out for yourself. (You will also see My SHOCKING Confession about my 1 st year online as well.)
I appreciate the opportunity to educate you today,
Greg Schmidt

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