Targeting Your Market With Internet Marketing Tactics

Laser Target Your Market For Success
Internet marketing has made a lot of people successful. Success has bred a lot of misconceptions about marketing online. A certain mystique has been created due to the overwhelming success of certain people who we now label as “gurus”. However, much of the information online almost seems to be a great effort in the field of misinformation and misdirection. This leads a lot of innocent people down the road of broken dreams and emptied bank accounts.
The truth is more powerful than a lie. This brings me to my first point about targeting your market. Quit seeing dollars and start seeing people. Honesty is the only policy. It is very easy to make things appear bigger then they are. You want everyone to know and believe in what you are selling. But if you do not believe in the product you are selling yourself, and cannot see how someone makes money using it (if it’s in the make money niche), then you are not being honest.
This adds to the misconception that most people selling products online are lying. This is not true. There are many great products online and real business opportunities, but if you are selling lies then someone pays for that lie. You may get away with the sell, but let’s say down the road a real opportunity pops up. The consumer is so jaded by their past experience (buying the “dream”) that they no longer trust any opportunity online. It hurts everyone. And sooner or later the word will get around about you and your funds will stop coming.
Again, the first point is that your market you are selling to (or recommending products to) are people. They have jobs. They work. Some of them have families of their own. Some of them are trying to get away from a nine to five. Whenever I target the “needs” of people vs. just trying to make a buck, I experience great conversions.
When you think about it this way (and actually care about what you are selling them), it becomes easier to empathize with their situations and meet their needs. They are coming to you because they need something. It is something they want. When you fulfill that need and give them what they want you receive not only a sign up to your list, but a conversion as well.
Believe it or not, methods constantly change online. Today its SEO, tomorrow who knows what? But the one thing that does not change from online to offline, from method to method is that you are marketing to people. You are seeking to fulfill a need within their life. You find that need and you fulfill that need (honestly and with integrity), you reap the benefits. And when you forge those relationships on honesty and transparency, you get repeat customers who refer others to you.
That is why I love marketing online. The world is my customer. It gives me an opportunity to forge meaningful relationships and connections with people. Also, this is why I refuse to market junk. Why? Because I take the time to try and figure what my customers need.
In conclusion, run from the madness. Stick with the path that is well worn. Honesty and integrity still mean something. So remember, when you pick a market and begin targeting, remember you are targeting people and their needs, not numbers on a list.

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