Package and Position Your Pizzaz

Do you know what it is about you that rocks the world? I’m not talking about your skills and talents, or even your innate gifts.
I’m talking about your Essence. It’s that spark of the creative cosmic juices flowing through you. It’s that infinite lightness of being that catches fire, awakening that trueness in another. It’s that charged energy, flowing abundantly through you, as YOU, that lights up the person in front of you with the recognition of WHO they really are and what is truly possible in this dynamic adventure.
You don’t need more information, though models are certainly helpful. What is called for is an unleashing… of your essence, your being, your brilliance.
I’ve discovered that it’s not what you know that is SO important. There are lots of folks out there with plenty of knowledge, experience and expertise. What differentiates the truly extraordinary conscious entrepreneur is the ability to create shifts of being just by freeing your dynamic Essence. I’ve experienced it in my own business, and life, and see how my colleagues rock this ability.
It may seem like you’re helping someone with their business, or their personal evolution. What you’re actually ‘doing’ is being lightness, being love, being Life! It ALL moves through you. You come up with just the right thing to say, just the right business strategy, the perfect copy.
On the surface, I teach my students how to build their list, generate income, and become a sought after joint venture partner. What I ‘really’ do is SEE your brilliance and invite it into being.
You see this can’t be taught, or learned. You can only come to a knowing of what’s true. It can be awakened. Here’s how:
1. Partner with an intimate group of high vibing players regularly. The quickest way to fast track your movement is to partner with a group of aligned players. It’s the secret sauce to personal and business evolution. Not only do you benefit from the collective experience and expertise of a small group of focused players, it’s the easiest way to ‘get your brilliance’… others can reflect it for you faster than you’ll be able to articulate it for yourself.
2. Take a break from your routine environment. Think of yourself as a heavenly body in orbit, just like a planet. People, places and things deeply impact your ‘orbit’ of possibility. Remember a time when you changed jobs, moved to a new address, or picked up a new interest. Notice how things shifted as you navigated this change.?� This in turn created a ripple of unforeseen changes. Taking a ‘time out’ from your regular routine, for three to four days in a retreat environment, will easily elicit a ha’s and insights to bring your passionate vision into being.
3. Question your inner assumptions. Nothing will create a greater shift in your experience than breaking free of outdated assumptions and judgments. Massive movement is an inevitable outcome as your expanded awareness creates a shift in perception and possibility.

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