How to Never Pay For Advertising Again

Your online business needs all the promotion it can get to boost your sales and profits. Every business can really benefit from having the right exposure and publicity. But sad to say that PR firms, though quite effective, tend to also be too expensive. Fortunately, you do not have to rely on their capabilities. You can take care of the advertising need yourself without having to pay for it. Impossible? Not really.
First and foremost, you have to study, research or take some courses in writing press releases and setting up a media kit. There are helpful articles published online that details how press releases are done. Usually, they can give you advices on how to write a newsworthy copy in a page or two.
Use words that will grab the attention of your readers. Then try and post these press releases on a regular basis. Instant and free advertising for your business. Press releases are not the only option available in getting free advertising. There are a lot more options you can choose so you never have to pay just to have your business spread out in the Internet world.
You never have to pay for advertising by:
1. Writing a review. Do some site-hopping and visit as many site as you can. When you have chanced upon a certain website that you liked, write a review about it. You can write about the things that caught your attention; the design of the website, the unique services it offers and the benefits a person can get from that particular site.
Then you can email the review you wrote to the website. Tell them that they can post that on your website as long as your resource box is included in it. Website owners will be more than happy to publish your review in exchange for that small favor.
2. Giving testimonials. When you have purchased a product or availed a service that surpassed your expectations, email a testimonial to the company. Tell them about how useful their products have become to you. Allow them to publish your testimonial on their site as long as they put your signature in it.
3. Signing guest books on websites. When you chanced upon an interesting website, try to leave a compliment on their guest book. In your compliment, you can write about how well their site are done, how you find it easy to navigate and how you like their graphics, etc.
When you write your compliment, put in your signature or your website so people will see it once they also sign in the guest book. Just do not make it appear evident that you are advertising your company. Try to be subtle when you put your signature.
4. Leaving a message. There are websites with discussion boards open for comments or suggestions. You can leave your message in one of these. You could either post an interesting content, a compliment on their site or a question.
However you do it, just make sure that your signature is included at the end of your message. There are discussion boards or forums that allow other sites to post their banners or text links. Make the most of this opportunity and put your own. If that site is related to yours and is getting a number of traffic, this is your chance to spread your business and be known.
5. Writing out a report or ebook. Then let other people give them away as their free offers. People are very much into free offers and these things are not an exception. Before you know it, your ebooks and reports will be all over the Internet.
To make the most of the free offers, make your content as targeted as possible. This is making sure that your niche market will be interested enough to try and avail of what you have to offer.
6. Sending emails to editors. There may be some good articles or contents that might catch you eyes. Get hold of the editor’s email and send him or her a complimentary message. Oftentimes, the editors will like to publish your message over to their site. This is one way of building their credibility.
Grant them permission to have your compliment published but with your signature attached to it.

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