Home Business Tips – Find the Tools & Learn the Process, Rinse & Repeat

As I build my home based MLM business and learn from many different coaches and teachers the more I realize that this really is just a process, just like learning to tie your shoes when you were a kid.
As you learn and grow as a human being the processes get more complicated.  The process of renting your first apartment was pretty scary and grueling; however when you needed to find the next apartment the process was much easier.  Then you really moved on and decided to buy a house, now that is very different than renting an apartment and again the first time you buy a house it is pretty scary and grueling.  However skills you developed in learning how to rent an apartment apply to finding the house.  Each time you learn a new skill you are building your foundation in that specific area.  I’ll betcha that it is pretty easy for Donald Trump to go out and buy a multi-million dollar office tower or apartment building.   That is because he has developed those skills, moved up the scale where he just keeps adding to the complication level.
In everything that we do we are challenged more and more, it is simply part of the growing process.  It is when you decide to take yourself out and settle for “just OK”
Learn to use the tools specific to your business.  Be sure to apply them in the right order and learn the specific steps that apply to each tool.  As you learn to operate a computer program all of this comes into play.  Imagine trying to send an email if you did not know how to turn on the email program, or what it means to hit the “compose new” button. You simply would not be able to do it.  I have had a number of challenges with this computer tool and in most cases where things have not gone as planned it was simply a matter of having missed a step, a button was not checked or a button was not unchecked.  Pretty frustrating at the time but the solution was quite simple.
As you learn the specific steps and the right order you must keep practicing until the actions become second nature.  If you were to take one driving lesson could you then go out and win the Indy 500?  No, of course not.  It would take a lot of perfect practice to become an Indy 500 race car driver. Understand that the concept is the same no matter what new skill you are learning. Take a deep breath and relax, give yourself the time to learn the new tools and your life will be less stressed.

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