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Why You Should Look At The Statistics Behind The Boom In Online Business

It is forecast that online shoppers will spend over $ 300 billion in 2016. Up from over $ 200 billion in 2011. This equates to a rise of over 60% and what is important that even at that figure, it only represents around 9% of total retail spend. If the trend continues (and there is no reason to believe that it wont) those people who master the art of online retailing are going to be very rich indeed. In fact no lesser figure than best selling author, Professor and Economist Paul Zane Pilzer has stated that ten million new millionaires will be created by 2016 and the vast majority of those will have done it by trading on the internet.
These sorts of sums seem hardly credible when you consider all the bad news that seems to be pumped out by our media everyday and yet, when you stop to think about it, isn’t the whole area of internet marketing starting to gather momentum. When a company such as Facebook, that did not even exist not that many years ago can become the largest stock market flotation in U S history it is surely time to take note and start to plan accordingly.
And as the trend to online shopping gathers momentum, so there is more money to spend on improving the customer experience by providing better sites for them to shop on, better communication, and in many cases a far better service than their bricks and mortar counterparts. Therefore with such economic drivers as higher fuel costs making families think twice about venturing to the local shopping centre or mall, cash strapped retailers having to hold reduced stocks whereas the online retailer can drop ship or offer a much greater variety of choice online and the ability of consumers to review products and services online, find the best price and then buy in the comfort of their own home, are we heading for the “perfect storm” as far as the opportunities in online retailing are concerned?
Only time will tell, but on the face of it anyone who is threatened by redundancy, who is concerned that the job market may not be the place to be as far as finding an income goes, needs to be looking very seriously at the opportunities available in selling online. The main question of course is how to go about it? Starting out in an area where you have little or no prior knowledge is always fraught with danger. A good idea is to research carefully and seek to find as much as you can to find the best route forward.…

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Communicating Your Brand Online

The internet has so many possibilities for businesses to open their doors to a world of consumers normally not able to be reached offline. Online businesses can take a grasp on the tools and ideas to promote their brand to the community of millions. Aiming for a recognizable online brand is your goal and there are simple steps to help you steer in the right direction.
Consistency with your company image is the first step in creating a recognizable brand and offering a memorable experience for your consumers. Create a fresh, easy to read logo that doesn’t have a lot of text or too much color. You want yourself to stand out but not to be a negative distraction. Most times the simplicity of the logo for a brand is the most effective. Surf the web and get some pointers on which brands and logos stand out to you and which ones you see time and time again.
Getting your message out there regularly is another component of brand exposure. In addition to creating a visually appealing logo and having the right choices of color, you also need to brainstorm ways to expose your brand and message. Advertising your company online is more cost effective than other mediums. A free way to help your company gain increased recognition is to write about your business or areas of relevance. Joining social networks and ensuring your page is branded will help get your business out there.
The idea of having online events for your business will give your brand a memorable experience amongst your clients. These events could include “Ten Percent off Tuesdays” or “Friend Referral Fridays.” Be creative with these online shopping events and promote them regularly. You can also market these events to your consumers through social networks as well.
As mentioned above, research on current brands that are successful will help you build your ideas. Take a look at Apple or CNN. These are two large companies that can be recognized universally throughout the online community. Follow the simplistic trends of design and focus on getting it recognized through advertising, social networks and events. The more ways you’re able to communicate your business online, the more successful you’ll become.…

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7 Essentials in Marketing For People Who Wish to Start a Home Business

Many people with dreams of financial freedom make the mistake of going into a business like a headless chicken. Many people have misconceived that making money from home online or offline is an easy task. Truth is, if your business is to successful, you must have a practical, legitimate marketing plan first. You must first determine your goals and direction clearly if you plan to make a significant amount of money and create value that people care about. The 7 essential keys to marketing your business are as follows:
1) The purpose of marketing
When you start a marketing campaign, whether through a website, blog shop and online newsletter, you must determine what is it you want your prospects to do. Whether if it is to subscribe to your mailing list, buy a product or comment on a blog post.
2) How you will achieve this purpose
What benefits can your home business offer and what is your competitive advantage.
3) Your Target Market
Determine who is your target market or markets – Middle aged women, teenagers in Florida, senior citizens in Washington etc, Hispanics or Asians etc.
4) The Marketing Weapons You Will Use
The marketing tools you will use to achieve this purpose – Fliers, newspaper ads, Google pay per click, Facebook, Twitter etc.
5) Your Niche And Your Position
How will you position yourself? What will you stand for in your business? Are you an NGO or a ruthless money making corporation? Do you support the green environment or breast cancer awareness?
6) The Identity Of Your Business
People relate better with identities. For example, McDonald’s is the fast food giant – good value and great taste, fast.
7) Your Marketing Budget
Ideally, this should be 10% of your estimated grossed profits. But this value may vary as you may see necessary.
The biggest, most successful business organizations or small home enterprises have been build based on these foundations. Once you have figured out and applied these 7 marketing strategies, you can be sure that your home business is on the right path.…

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How to Quit Your Job – Tackling the Obstacles That Hold You Back

Talk to a bunch of people in a bar and you’re likely to find a few bitching about their job and how they’d wish they could call it a day. When you ask what they’d do instead, many have no really clear idea. This article is not for them.
Instead, let’s consider those who want to quit their job to set up a business of their own, but who fear to take such a big, decisive step as quitting the paycheck.
If you’re one of them, then you know quite well what you want to do. But because you know what you want to do, you’re also very aware of the obstacles, the reasons for NOT quitting your job.
Fear of Failure
Fear of failure holds many people back, whether they’re aware of it or not.
You have an idea for a business, but there’s no guarantee that you’re actually going to be successful. And having to go back to work with a failed business on your resume is not a prospect that appeals.
Fear of failure is something we all have to face at one time or another. With regards to quitting your job and setting up on your own, however, fear of failure need not hold you back.
Lay those fears to rest by proving to yourself that you have what it takes to run your own business. And the easiest way that’s done is by starting a business that does not require you to quit your job, a business you can run in your spare time.
This is even easier if you base your new, part-time business on a hobby or passion. On something you love and know a lot about. That way, building your business will not feel like work and fears associated with ‘running a business’ will be largely meaningless.
Start-up Capital
Many traditional businesses need a pot of start-up capital and in these financially uncertain times you may not be too keen to get into debt. So, if a traditional business is where your dreams are taking you, you may find yourself chained to your paycheck until you’ve saved enough money to get started.
Consider instead if you could run your ‘traditional’ business in a ‘non-traditional’ way, one that requires little start-up capital.
An online business is comparatively cheap to get off the ground and – if it is your dream to sell widgets – you could source a drop-shipping company to fulfil your orders, rather than set up a shop in the centre of town and hold all your own stock.
Time and Flexibility
Here’s another practical consideration that can look like a major obstacle. You don’t want to quit your job until your new business is off the ground. While all the while you know that the new business can’t really get off the ground while you’re working full-time.
But this is only true for businesses that require you to be present during office hours.
Instead, consider a business that can accept flexible hours, that you can deal with outside of your hours of employment. This means long hours for you – for a time – but if your business is your passion, you won’t really mind too much.
Quitting your job to start your own business need not be the huge, scary step it’s often made out to be. And not being able to quit your job just yet does not mean you cannot start your own business.
All it needs is a gradual approach. Choose a business that needs little start-up capital and that you can run in the time that’s available to you, base it on a hobby or passion of yours so that it feels more like fun than work and watch it take off.
Try this approach to start your own business, and you only need to quit your job when you are ready for it.…

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3 Online Accounting Software Options for Small Business

As cloud computing gains in popularity, the availability of online accounting software continues to grow.A� Many small business owners want a software that has an intuitive and easy-to-use interfaceA� that allows them to bill customers, enter expenses and check their bank balances,.A� We also want to be able to access from anywhere (you never know when the desire to do your accounting, strikes!)A� I have looked at 3 cost effective, multi functional alternatives below:
Quickbooks Online: The basic version, at $9.95 per month, provides you will the ability to track your invoices and expenses, including sales taxes, and to see where you stand with respect to your payables and receivables.A� It also allows you to customize and create invoices, and provides many reporting options. You can manage your account from either a Windows or Mac platform as well as your iPhone and BlackBerry. Only one user can log on at a time (+ your accountant). There are no limits on the number of the customers or transactions.
An upgrade to $34.95 per month gives you a host of other features including inventory tracking, automated banking (which allows you to download your bank transactions into your QB file), time tracking, industry comparisons and 3 simultaneous user access.A�
Payroll and credit card processing are available as add-ons and have to be purchased separately.
Either version allows a free trial and can be cancelled at any time.
Xero: Although the company is based in New Zealand, small businesses anywhere can use the software. The functionality is similar to Quickbooks except that he plan price differential is much smaller with Xero.A� The small plan at $19 a month allows for 5 customer and vendor transactions and 20 bank transactions per month which could be problematic for anyone who has more than 5 clients or customers. The medium and large plans at $29 and $39 per month, by comparison, allow for unlimited transactions.A�A� Also, unlike Quickbooks, Xero allows unlimited users for all it’s plans and offers a multicurrency feature.A�
Clarity Accounting: For small businesses whose need to track invoices, expenses, payables, receivables and bank balances, this seems like the ideal solution.A� For $10 a month, the user can enter unlimited transactions, create invoices, enter expenses, create financial reports and download their bank statements.A� User access is unlimited, and they support multicurrency transactions.
Clarity notably lacks a smartphone app and a payroll add on feature, which can be tedious if you have employees.
All three options provide a similar service, with some noteworthy differences.A� Quickbooks offers payroll, credit card add-ons as well as inventory tracking with their plus version, but does not allow for unlimited users or multicurrency transactions.A� Xero’s medium plan (the small plan seems a little unrealistic for most small businesses) supports multicurrency and unlimited transactions, but is a twice as expensive as Quickbooks basic plan.A� Clarity is an extremely cost effective choice except that it does not support payroll or have an accompanying smartphone app.A� The choice, of course will depend on your requirements and what you are willing to spend.A� All versions provide a free trial, so it is absolutely worth it to try them out and assess which one you are most comfortable with.…

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Few Tips For Successful Professionals

If you are not spending time with any of the mentioned tasks than surely you are missing some benefits which are great. In this article we will discuss the techniques which would help to achieve success in the business.
Social tips
Socializing with prospects and clients is surely an effective way to develop business opportunities. So while socializing with the clients, you find common interests, tastes, opinions. Thus you get the new range of opportunities by which a different understanding is created. In social networking, you know the client on a more personal level, you prove your trust. After proving your trust, things would become easier as now you have become one trusted contact and a friend.
Use your trumpet
You should be effective in public speaking. You should know how to be the successful public speaker. You should have the skills to reveal the authority or to become an authority.
Create an alliance
So creating the alliance with different people in the industry would have a beneficial effect. It has the huge potential because while creating the right alliance, you meet the right people which get good result. So don’t hesitate to make a phone call and go and meet the person, thus it will be a good start for a business relationship
It is hard, competitive, and tough in the world. You are competing against marketers, better designers, and older developers. Still there is space for you. Be different, be innovative, and be brilliant. Your work needs success thus you need to be determinate. Don’t give up so easily. It will take some time to know you within the market. It needs time to get more clients.
Visualize the success
The mind can do any wonders. The manner you would think about the business, it will give you the same impact. Spend some time in visualizing where you would be after achieving the success. This technique helps you to bring the goals closer, and also it helps you to focus to the right path.
Conduct the effective advertising
Your interactive advertising campaign should be that effective that it should generate profit, new business. The money which you have spent should not be wasted. Thus take your advertising seriously. Put your best efforts and create it in a way so that it can generate profit and you can have new business.…

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Blogging For Business Tips: 4 Business Blogging Best Practices

The following blogging for business tips and best practices will help entrepreneurs and small business owners get more traffic to their business website.
* Content Is King – The internet is full of content: audio, video, text, and images. How much of this content is yours? By writing a daily business blog post and then syndicating this blog post via social network sites and by making videos about the post etc. you can get much more traffic from each piece of content. The key is to commit to continuously creating content for your business blog and then submit this to as many different online platforms as possible.
* Local Keyword Research – As a small business owner ranking on Google can often be easier because you are targeting local keywords which are often lower competition than major generic keywords. But you can also attract even more traffic by targeting numerous longtail keyword variations. So instead of just targeting “Business Blogging New York” you could target “Best Business Blogging Tips In New York” which will be easier to rank for on Google. Much of the traffic that you will receive to your business blog is not from a main two phrase keyword, but from many different variations of that keyword. Probably many obscure searches that you would have not considered before.
* Social Media Marketing Strategies For Small Business – For each blog post that you write, share it via Facebook and Twitter and encourage your friends and colleagues to do the same. In Twitter many people will come across the content by keywords that they have told Twitter to alert them about. So be sure to include relevant hashtags in your tweets for each blog post. Also, it is a good idea to “share the love” and share the content that other businesses in your area post to their blog and they will be more likely to return the favor.
* Blog Writing Speed – The quickest way to write blog posts is to write about what you know. That way the information is already in your head and little research is required. Just let the words flow onto the page as though you were speaking the tips aloud to one of your friends. Just put down what is in your mind and don’t worry about errors. You can tidy it up afterwards. This blog speed writing method literally means you can write a post within a matter of minutes. If you can write fast blog posts you can post more often and get more traffic.…