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Reviving Your Website – Reviving E-Commerce

Here are 6 tips to revive your website:
1. Is your website or online store not doing so well? Is it in need of a spruce up? One way to breathe some life back into your online store and get people interested and visiting your website again is to revive it. With time, all websites can become stale and outdated if we don’t pay attention to them, and we should make efforts keep them fresh and current.
2. Give your homepage a facelift by adding new graphics, text, and information. Consider adding a creative banner. Remove old and dated images, and add new, fresh ones. Research your keywords and revamp your text with some effective keywords.
3. Add a new area on the website filled with resources, information, and maybe even some special deals for your customers. Use relevant keywords to improve your search engine ranking. For example, if you own a web design company, offer web design and development tips and advice. Show other businesses how to make the most of their web presence, or what to consider when looking for an e-commerce solution.
By providing information and resources along with your products, you are giving people a reason to keep coming back. This is how you build trust with your visitors and get more sales. If you haven’t yet tried blogging, learn how to blog and get one added to your website. WordPress is an excellent blogging tool and can be setup relatively inexpensively. Blogging is a great way to improve your search engine ranking whilst expanding your network.
4. Add a What’s New page to your website so you can let everyone know about all your updates now and in the future. This feature could get more people to return to your website site to see What’s New?
5. Review the colors and layout your are using on your site. Do they fit with your brand and the image you are hoping to portray? Be sure to change them if they don’t!
6. Add a survey on your site, either for all visitors to answer, or for customers once a purchase has been made. Ask them what they would like to see and what type of products they are looking for. You can’t do much better than to get information straight from the horse’s mouth!
Keeping your website current and up to date will assist greatly in keeping it relevant, and keep visitors and customers coming back again and again.…

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Do You Need BFFs To Run A Successful Business?

Who do you spend most of your time with? You might have heard this quote before, “You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.” The point is, who are you spending most of your time with? The sad truth is we live in a society where negativity surrounds us.
The mass media, negative people, sad country music (just checking if you are reading), all of these elements impact us every single day.
-Are you taking positive action steps to change all of this in your life by intention?
-Are you seeking out the type of people who are positive and will pull you up toward the achievement of your highest goals and attaining your big dreams?
As a young child we all had our BFFs. We were drawn to each other for a variety of reasons, which are not as unique to each of us as you might think. We were certain we would be together sharing our dreams and our secrets with each other for life.
-What actually has taken place with these relationships formed at a young age?
-Do we actually still have contact with our crew of BFFs?
-Are they there for us as a ready resource when we have questions or issues?
Here is the premise, the action step for you to take today, right now!
Intentionally review your inner circle friends who you are most often in contact with and spend time with.
Anyone who has a negative attitude regularly you should begin to spend less time with. Any activities you partake in which provide you with a negative feeling you must remove from your space. Some examples might be TV or radio news. It is a fact that in our own minds and daily thoughts of which there are well over 30,000 each and every day, over 75% of these thoughts tend to be negative. Intentionally take action now to reverse this process in yourself.
Seek out the people you should have in your inner circle. Begin to speak with them more and spend more time with them. There is absolutely nothing like true and honest feedback and positive energy flowing between people. You will find much to give and much to gain by having an inner circle of people who are positive and who are there for you when you need advice or feedback or just a conversation.…

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Targeting Your Market With Internet Marketing Tactics

Laser Target Your Market For Success
Internet marketing has made a lot of people successful. Success has bred a lot of misconceptions about marketing online. A certain mystique has been created due to the overwhelming success of certain people who we now label as “gurus”. However, much of the information online almost seems to be a great effort in the field of misinformation and misdirection. This leads a lot of innocent people down the road of broken dreams and emptied bank accounts.
The truth is more powerful than a lie. This brings me to my first point about targeting your market. Quit seeing dollars and start seeing people. Honesty is the only policy. It is very easy to make things appear bigger then they are. You want everyone to know and believe in what you are selling. But if you do not believe in the product you are selling yourself, and cannot see how someone makes money using it (if it’s in the make money niche), then you are not being honest.
This adds to the misconception that most people selling products online are lying. This is not true. There are many great products online and real business opportunities, but if you are selling lies then someone pays for that lie. You may get away with the sell, but let’s say down the road a real opportunity pops up. The consumer is so jaded by their past experience (buying the “dream”) that they no longer trust any opportunity online. It hurts everyone. And sooner or later the word will get around about you and your funds will stop coming.
Again, the first point is that your market you are selling to (or recommending products to) are people. They have jobs. They work. Some of them have families of their own. Some of them are trying to get away from a nine to five. Whenever I target the “needs” of people vs. just trying to make a buck, I experience great conversions.
When you think about it this way (and actually care about what you are selling them), it becomes easier to empathize with their situations and meet their needs. They are coming to you because they need something. It is something they want. When you fulfill that need and give them what they want you receive not only a sign up to your list, but a conversion as well.
Believe it or not, methods constantly change online. Today its SEO, tomorrow who knows what? But the one thing that does not change from online to offline, from method to method is that you are marketing to people. You are seeking to fulfill a need within their life. You find that need and you fulfill that need (honestly and with integrity), you reap the benefits. And when you forge those relationships on honesty and transparency, you get repeat customers who refer others to you.
That is why I love marketing online. The world is my customer. It gives me an opportunity to forge meaningful relationships and connections with people. Also, this is why I refuse to market junk. Why? Because I take the time to try and figure what my customers need.
In conclusion, run from the madness. Stick with the path that is well worn. Honesty and integrity still mean something. So remember, when you pick a market and begin targeting, remember you are targeting people and their needs, not numbers on a list.…

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Don’t Do Home Business Without These Tips!

Whether you are already operating a home business or you are just considering starting one, a little advice might be helpful. After all, with a home business you are taking absolute responsibility for your own success; you should always keep an eye out for good ideas. You may find a few in the tips below:

If you run a home business which requires a large amount of talk time with your clients, consider investing in a second phone line or a business-only cell phone. These phone plans will be 100% deductible as business expenses, and will also ensure that your clients will have an easier time reaching you on a dedicated line.

If you are thinking of starting a home business, pick a product to sell that is not similar to others. By trying to sell the same product that another company sells, your chances of making real money are slim because customers are going to stick with the company they already know.

Business cards are a great way to promote your home based business and get your name out to the community. Search for free business cards online and then distribute them wherever you go, including grocery stores, dentist offices and your children’s schools.

Take great pictures to increase sales. Nothing is more disappointing to customers than cruising the Internet for something to buy and stumbling across a product that sounds great but has a bad or non-existent picture. Let customers see what they are buying by displaying quality photographs on your website of all the products that you offer. Take multiple pictures to show different views when necessary.

Make sure your computer is protected. Since it is your main way to do business and make money, you will want to make sure you don’t lose it. Keep your data backed up on a separate hard drive and install virus scans and firewalls. This way, you can be fully protected.

Your product can be marketed through affiliates. Make a banner that links to your website to place on other business websites, and then put their link on your website. Also, you should join affiliate programs if you have products that you want to promote. This will allow you to increase your revenue without adding any inventory or other work for yourself.

To reduce distractions keep your office off limits to children. Have set work hours that enable you to run your business and still have time for your family. Older children should understand not to disturb you while you are working. For your business to succeed your family needs to be supportive and respectful of your work schedule.

To be able to start and maintain a successful home business, you must be completely honest with yourself. Each of us has areas of strengths and weaknesses. To be a success, you must be honest with yourself when it comes to your own strong points and weak points. Find help for your weaknesses. By doing this, you will be able to focus more energy on your strengths. A recent study suggests that building strengths rather than fixing weaknesses is the road to success.

Initiative is the key to home business success. Starting your own business is already a big step towards self-determination; the success of your business will depend on you making further strides. You should not make decisions rashly, but you must remain sensitive to new ideas. Advice like that presented above might prove vital in realizing your home business’s potential.…

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Learn About Leadership And How To Improve Your Skills

Building a trusting relationship with your employees is an important part of being a strong leader. Just because you’re the boss does not mean that you are the only leader in the group, or even the smartest person in the room. Read these suggestions for improving your business leadership skills.

If you’re trying to make a decision, you should try to get input from your team. Your team may be able to help you find a great solution, or they could help you see if you’re making a bad choice. A good leader should be interested in the opinions of others.

Tenacity is key when you are striving to be a great leader. When things go awry, your subordinates will expect you to set the tone. Regardless of the roadblocks, you must keep everyone focused on getting things done. Your perseverance will inspire everyone to keep going.

Promotions, bonuses and raises should always be fairly distributed and based on performance. Don’t simply promote the person who has been working with you the longest or hand out the biggest raise to a family member. Your employees will be more motivated when they know that they can earn tangible rewards for working hard.

Make preparations before speaking to your team. Consider what questions they may have for you before you go. Come up with answers to any potential question. Your team will respect you more when you have the answers they need. It also will save you significant amounts of time.

Good leaders must finish the job. You hear many leaders brag about their projects, but many haven’t actually finished them. Those that don’t genuinely finish can lose the confidence of their clients. You must set goals and see your tasks through to completion. Remember that nothing is entirely useful until it’s finished.

Take care of yourself. When you’re a leader, it can be very easy for you to lose yourself. However, it’s important for you to remember that you are not going to be much use if you never sleep and never eat. Make sure that you are caring for yourself so you can best care for those you are leading.

Reward great work. It may be tempting to be a slave to the bottom line, but you’d be amazed what a few rewards can do to help productivity. These rewards don’t have to be big. A bagel breakfast or gift certificates for a team work quite well. The gesture shows that you care, and good leaders really do.

Use synergy when thinking. Understand what your goals are. Also know exactly what the goals of your business are. There must be good aligning, but they can overlap. You must work on both simultaneously. If that’s impossible, over time you may lose your drive for the business.

As you can see there are a lot of aspects involved in being an effective boss. Knowing how to communicate with your employees and build confidence in your leadership abilities will gain you the respect you deserve. Implement these tools when dealing with your employees and your business will have a greater chance for success.…

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How To Succeed In Home Business Without Really Trying

You have been given a lot of advice from so-called experts on how to run your home business. Now you want to be able to sort through what is true and what is just speculation. This article will provide all of the most important tips that you have been looking for.

If you are considering starting a home business, one of the key ingredients to being successful is to venture into an area you have a passion for. Starting a home business is hard work and also requires a certain level of creativity. It is much easier to work on something that you have a genuine interest in and would not consider a chore. It is also easier to be creative since you will naturally come up with ideas as opposed to being forced to come up with ideas.

Hire people to help you. You might imagine that because you’re a home business, you have to do everything on your own and that’s not so. There are number of places that you can find competent, inexpensive help for whatever you need done. Letting other people handle some things frees you up to focus on what you truly enjoy.

Look to your own passions or needs to create a product or business. The best products solve a problem or fill a need. Look at problems that need solving in your own life, and think of products that might solve them. Chances are, if you experience a certain type of problem, many others do too.

Start your home business doing something that you enjoy. A business idea that is your passion is something you’ll put more effort into and find it to be a more rewarding experience.

Always know what your products cost you to make. This is important for many reasons, but if someone should unexpectedly show interest in retailing your products, you will need to know off the top of your head what your cost is, and where you want to set your wholesale price. As a rule of thumb, the retail price is about two times your wholesale price. The wholesale price is your costs plus a fair profit margin for you.

Keep track of your driving. Your gas, mileage and repairs to your car may be tax deductible if they are for business purposes. Keep track of these in a small notebook that you keep in your car. It will be so easy come tax time to just add it all up for your accountant.

Postcards are an excellent way to spread the word without using a ton of materials. You can bring colored card stock to printing stores with your design. Most printing stores have discounts you can take advantage of, so be sure to look out for coupons before you depart. Postcards are a unique and memorable way to advertise.

In summary, you want to make sure that you are doing everything well enough to assure success with your home business. You want to make sure that the advice you have been given is legitimate and also want to know who to trust for advice. Use the tips provided in this article and you should find yourself on the right path.…

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Home Business Advice Everyone Needs To Know

Running a home business has become a very popular way for people to earn an income. It is not difficult to have a home business if you have the right information and learn the right approach. Read over these suggestions to get some ideas on how you can have the home business that you have always wanted.

Visit your bank and open another checking account for your home business. It is important to have a separate account for all your orders and purchases so that there is no confusion over whether a transaction was related to your business or not. It is also essential to have a credit card for your business as well.

In order to be successful and make solid money with a home business you must be very self motivated. Being able to motivate yourself is the number one quality you need to have in order to succeed at a home business. You have to be able to set your own work hours and deadlines, along with being willing to work hard when you are not seeing any type of return.

Determine how much it costs to make your product if you run a home business. You should charge others twice this amount for wholesale and twice the amount of wholesale for retail. If you do not have an accurate estimate of how much it costs for your product, you will not be able to charge others the correct amount.

Opening and maintaining a new business can be incredibly time consuming. Because of this it is essential that you don’t let your social life fall by the wayside. Remember to set aside at least one entire day per week to relax, and try to go grab a beer with friends at least a few times per month.

You need to set up a separate checking account for your home business. It is important to keep your personal finances and the business finances separate. This is so that you can show the IRS that you are not embezzling money or trying to evade paying taxes on your business. It will make for less hassle when tax time comes around.

Check to see what kind of business insurance you need. Some states require mandatory business insurance. Before you start your business it’s important to check into the cost of it and what your state requires. You want to make sure your business is protected and minimize your risks associated with it.

One of the requirements of running a home business, is the ability to conduct business transactions. First of all, you will need a business banking account. You will also need system for handling transactions with your customers, including a method for refunding payments, when necessary. There are online pay systems, such as Paypal, that you can use for this. However, if you need a more fine-tuned solution, you can also hire a freelance software developer, to create a system that is tailored to your needs.

As you can see, there are a lot of great ideas on starting a home business. Remember that a successful home business takes patience and perseverance. It will probably take some trial and error to find out what works best for you. If you continue to learn best practices and apply them to your business, you will become successful.…