Business Owners – Does Your Website Have This One Very Common Mistake?

This article is for business owners who do not like to get involved in the technical side of their website, and pay someone in-house or outsource a third-party to do it for them.
I just attended a weekend Internet Marketing seminar and was really shocked to learn that a lot of websites out there make this one very common mistake which I had always assumed that any half-witted website design or hosting company should know about: having relevant, targeted niche keywords in your website code.
Without getting too technical, the essential practice of “Search Engine Optimisation” or SEO is basically the practice of optimising your website so that people can find you on the search engines (e.g. Google). This is of paramount importance because if people can’t find you on the popular search engines, then it’s pointless having a website in the first place. It’s like having your business hidden in a dark alley with no customers or clients walking past!
Here are examples of what I mean in simple terms so that anyone can understand:
One company was in the car rental business. Amongst the very few keyword terms they had was the term “backpacker”. That means, if someone was potentially searching for the term “backpacker” on the internet, they might find this car rental website amongst the millions of search results if they were lucky, and only if the website had relevant information about backpackers! Not likely. Besides, if you owned a car rental business, why would you want to attract business from people searching for “backpackers” on the internet? Not a relevant keyword term.
I also mention niche – which means it must be very specific. One such example was a tree lopping company. One of their search terms was simply “tree”. Does that sound relevant? It kind of does. But just go try searching for “tree” in Google and see what comes up: something like over 200 million results! Maybe a few of those might be someone actually looking to remove a tree but good luck if they happen to find that particular website and in that particular location.
Some outdated web designers make the mistake of embedding very broad keyword terms in the hopes that more people will find them. If you were a dentist, or a mechanic for instance, what would be the point of trying to place yourself amongst the millions of other dentists and mechanics around the world in your search results? You want someone searching for a dentist or mechanic in your local area to find you. If you niche down further let’s say you specialise in orthodontics in Melbourne, or you’re a Ford specialist mechanic in Sydney, doesn’t it make sense that someone searching for a “melbourne orthodontist” or a “sydney ford mechanic” is much more likely to be doing business with you?
More often than not, website designers are good at design, and poor at marketing skills, so they impress you with a glossy website. Getting potential customers and clients to find you online is NOT about having a glossy website.
Remember, there’s no point in having a glossy, sexy website IF NO ONE CAN FIND YOU!
Get your web people to show you what keywords and phrases they have embedded in your website code and think about whether they are specifically related to your business. If you’re uncertain if those are good keywords, just imagine someone searching for those keywords on the internet and think whether that person would be trying to locate a business like yours to become your customer or client. If not, then maybe it’s time to look for a new web designer/web host.

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