7 Essentials in Marketing For People Who Wish to Start a Home Business

Many people with dreams of financial freedom make the mistake of going into a business like a headless chicken. Many people have misconceived that making money from home online or offline is an easy task. Truth is, if your business is to successful, you must have a practical, legitimate marketing plan first. You must first determine your goals and direction clearly if you plan to make a significant amount of money and create value that people care about. The 7 essential keys to marketing your business are as follows:
1) The purpose of marketing
When you start a marketing campaign, whether through a website, blog shop and online newsletter, you must determine what is it you want your prospects to do. Whether if it is to subscribe to your mailing list, buy a product or comment on a blog post.
2) How you will achieve this purpose
What benefits can your home business offer and what is your competitive advantage.
3) Your Target Market
Determine who is your target market or markets – Middle aged women, teenagers in Florida, senior citizens in Washington etc, Hispanics or Asians etc.
4) The Marketing Weapons You Will Use
The marketing tools you will use to achieve this purpose – Fliers, newspaper ads, Google pay per click, Facebook, Twitter etc.
5) Your Niche And Your Position
How will you position yourself? What will you stand for in your business? Are you an NGO or a ruthless money making corporation? Do you support the green environment or breast cancer awareness?
6) The Identity Of Your Business
People relate better with identities. For example, McDonald’s is the fast food giant – good value and great taste, fast.
7) Your Marketing Budget
Ideally, this should be 10% of your estimated grossed profits. But this value may vary as you may see necessary.
The biggest, most successful business organizations or small home enterprises have been build based on these foundations. Once you have figured out and applied these 7 marketing strategies, you can be sure that your home business is on the right path.

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