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Starting A Business

Communicating Your Brand Online

The internet has so many possibilities for businesses to open their doors to a world of consumers normally not able to be reached offline. Online businesses can take a grasp on the tools and ideas to promote their brand to the community of millions. Aiming for a recognizable online brand is your goal and there are simple steps to help you steer in the right direction.
Consistency with your company image is the first step in creating a recognizable brand and offering a memorable experience for your consumers. Create a fresh, easy to read logo that doesn’t have a lot of text or too much color. You want yourself to stand out but not to be a negative distraction. Most times the simplicity of the logo for a brand is the most effective. Surf the web and get some pointers on which brands and logos stand out to you and which ones you see time and time again.
Getting your message out there regularly is another component of brand exposure. In addition to creating a visually appealing logo and having the right choices of color, you also need to brainstorm ways to expose your brand and message. Advertising your company online is more cost effective than other mediums. A free way to help your company gain increased recognition is to write about your business or areas of relevance. Joining social networks and ensuring your page is branded will help get your business out there.
The idea of having online events for your business will give your brand a memorable experience amongst your clients. These events could include “Ten Percent off Tuesdays” or “Friend Referral Fridays.” Be creative with these online shopping events and promote them regularly. You can also market these events to your consumers through social networks as well.
As mentioned above, research on current brands that are successful will help you build your ideas. Take a look at Apple or CNN. These are two large companies that can be recognized universally throughout the online community. Follow the simplistic trends of design and focus on getting it recognized through advertising, social networks and events. The more ways you’re able to communicate your business online, the more successful you’ll become.…

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Business News

Get Rich Fast – Method Or Myth?

Is there a ‘secret get rich quick formula’ out there? Or is it all just a big myth? Today I am going to ask these questions in the context of the online work at home business opportunity. We will also look at what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to choosing an online business and whether getting rich quick is actually achievable!
The first thing to say about get rich quick is that if you type this into Google you get 24.1 Million pages, so there is a lot of information available on the Internet on this topic. Many of them will be articles or discussions about what works and doesn’t work, top tips, etc. Many more will be actual web sites offering you a get rich quick method. I am betting that the vast majority of them will never make anyone rich, not even the business owners. This is the law of natural selection. Only the best make it. Of the balance of online business opportunities that make past the survival category and make a profit, most of these will benefit only a select few. The reason I say this is again down to the law of natural selection. There are limited resources on this planet, everything from air, water, food and even money is limited in supply. This means that it is not possible for everyone to be rich! If everyone was rich then there would be no poor and no rich. Rich would become a redundant word in the language. Being financially rich means having more money and assets that the majority of people. So my first point is this; it is just not possible for everyone to get rich as money is always changing hands and flowing in one direction or another. The key has to be having money flowing towards you and not away from you.
The Internet offers us an amazing opportunity that was not available even 20 years ago. It is a great leveller; the smallest companies can compete against the very largest and win. Like Google and Facebook, MySpace and Twitter; a business can be formed and in a short space of time can become a global player in their; often new, market place. Who had heard of social networking even a few years ago? Notice however, that the period between obscurity and success is a few years, not months, weeks or days as claimed by many online opportunities. I am going to stick my neck out and say that there are very few, if any, opportunities that will make you rich overnight. Any such opportunity will be brought to life by a super creative person with the right background and experience, a great deal of luck, planning, genius or some combination of the above. Such people are very rare. Let’s be realistic here, if it was that easy we would all be rich and there would be no poverty or elite anywhere on earth. In fact, it will never be that way as it is not human nature. We are all traders; we trade goods and services for money and use money to buy other goods and services. Some of the traders keep money for a while longer than others because the inward cash flow is greater than the outward cash flow. That’s why its cash flow that makes you rich.
So here is the rub! The Internet is clearly a medium that can allow people to make large sums of money very quickly, why? Because of the possibility of exponential growth! Exponential growth is a theoretical concept!! It does not exist in normal natural systems. Let me explain. Exponential growth occurs when a number doubles, triples or greater with each generation. A good example is food poisoning bacteria. Bacteria multiply under ideal conditions about every 10 minutes. This means that one bacterium becomes 2 in ten minutes. Ten minutes later these two then each divide into two again and become 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, and so on. After just 3hrs and 20mins we would have over 1 Million bacteria from the original one. This is a natural example of exponential growth. It is the concept that many network marketing and multi level marketing business opportunities use to convince you of the massive wealth generating opportunities available. The trouble is, as in our bacterial example above, they are assuming ideal conditions. With our bacteria, exponential growth only continues as long as there is sufficient food, water and warmth. The large numbers of bacteria soon change all that, they use the food and water up and before they know it they have famine and drought to content with and their number dies down to natural sustainable levels once more.
Network marketing is no different; the ideal conditions we …

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7 Essentials in Marketing For People Who Wish to Start a Home Business

Many people with dreams of financial freedom make the mistake of going into a business like a headless chicken. Many people have misconceived that making money from home online or offline is an easy task. Truth is, if your business is to successful, you must have a practical, legitimate marketing plan first. You must first determine your goals and direction clearly if you plan to make a significant amount of money and create value that people care about. The 7 essential keys to marketing your business are as follows:
1) The purpose of marketing
When you start a marketing campaign, whether through a website, blog shop and online newsletter, you must determine what is it you want your prospects to do. Whether if it is to subscribe to your mailing list, buy a product or comment on a blog post.
2) How you will achieve this purpose
What benefits can your home business offer and what is your competitive advantage.
3) Your Target Market
Determine who is your target market or markets – Middle aged women, teenagers in Florida, senior citizens in Washington etc, Hispanics or Asians etc.
4) The Marketing Weapons You Will Use
The marketing tools you will use to achieve this purpose – Fliers, newspaper ads, Google pay per click, Facebook, Twitter etc.
5) Your Niche And Your Position
How will you position yourself? What will you stand for in your business? Are you an NGO or a ruthless money making corporation? Do you support the green environment or breast cancer awareness?
6) The Identity Of Your Business
People relate better with identities. For example, McDonald’s is the fast food giant – good value and great taste, fast.
7) Your Marketing Budget
Ideally, this should be 10% of your estimated grossed profits. But this value may vary as you may see necessary.
The biggest, most successful business organizations or small home enterprises have been build based on these foundations. Once you have figured out and applied these 7 marketing strategies, you can be sure that your home business is on the right path.…

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Business Ideas

Internet Marketing Strategies – Do Not Let Yourself Get Distracted

Far too many people who get involved with the Internet marketing industry allow themselves to become distracted. Not only can this be very detrimental to reaching whatever goal has been established, but also creates an emotional climate that is very destructive. It is very important that you have a clear set of priorities on a day-to-day basis. However, it is also very important that you not set goals that are too outrageously difficult. The reason why is because there is a good chance you will suffer a mental breakdown and find yourself really having to dig deep to find the motivation and strength to keep marching towards whatever goal you have established.
When you focus on one particular goal that is reasonable, you are getting yourself a dramatically higher chance of being able to reach the goal and if you are jumping around from one thing to another not really being sure what you are trying to do. Given the fact that a lot of people who are just getting started with Internet marketing are trying to make money, they are more susceptible to wanting to jump around because they want to give themselves the best chance possible to make money quickly.
In the final analysis, it is critically important they spent some time thinking about what it is you ultimately want to achieve. Then you need to create a schedule that will help you reach that goal in the shortest amount of time possible. The secret to being successful in this endeavor is to not let yourself get distracted.…

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Business Plan

Marketing Coaching Tip: Are You an Expert in Your Field or Are You the Handyman?

Think about all the different hats you wear everyday in your professional life. Who ARE you to your clients? What is YOUR primary role in your business? What is YOUR area of expertise? Is it clearly defined? Are you considered an expert in your field or a jack of all trades/handyman?
When I worked in corporate marketing, my colleagues and I would joke about the fact that if you didn’t know how to classify a job, you simply gave it to the Marketing Department. Everything could somehow fall under ‘marketing’, right?
I remember once, a long time ago, the company I worked for was changing phone systems. During the process, somehow I was forwarded the call from the company who we would no longer be using for our phones. I am not really sure how the call came to me, my guess is the receptionist had no idea who to forward it to and just assumed it fell under Marketing!
Anyway, I took the call and the gentleman on the line informed me that it was up to me to collect all the old phones, boxes, wires, jacks and equipment (most of which I had never heard of before), and have it ready to be picked up by 9 am the next day. He was also kind enough to let me know that some of this so-called equipment was located OUTSIDE of the building and might be on the roof. Really???
OK, I don’t know about you, but I still don’t know how to use the DVR on my television! I wasn’t even sure what all this equipment was supposed to look like, much less where to find it! And, not only that, but I wasn’t going to risk life and limb climbing on top of a building looking for equipment that I WOULD NOT be able to identify in a line up!
Anyway, I tell the story to emphasis the importance of becoming an expert in your field. Make sure your clients and prospects know exactly what it is that you and your company offer. If you are a sales person, be the best sales person you can be (and don’t try to be the IT guy)! If you are an IT guru, shout it from the roof tops (but stay OUT of the marketing department).
We all have unique gifts and talents that make us valuable to our organization or business. Perfect YOUR craft, and leave the other stuff to the experts. Clearly define what it is you do, and how that benefits your clients, and then go with it!
Think about it, how many heart surgeons do you know that would make good telemarketers? Not many! Understand the value you bring to your company by becoming the expert! I promise you will be thankful you did, and you will be MUCH more successful in the long run by staying true to your talents.
And, if you are wondering how I handled the phone situation from many years ago, here’s what happened. I actually did go around and try to collect all these foreign pieces of phone equipment (don’t forget, I was young and naive back then). When the phone guy showed up the next morning to pick everything up, he took one look at the very large *heap* of stuff I had collected and his eyes glazed over, his face got red, and I thought he was going to pass out. He ended up calling in back-up support and spent the next 4 hours doing the job. See? It really does pays to hire an expert!…

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Financial News

Getting Started on Internet Marketing

Internet marketing has been very widespread these days. Many engage in business in web without understanding. Some of us thought that business online will make you rich as quick as possible. Because of too many information available on the web in making money online, it is not wonder why many of us suffer in “information overload”.
The first thing that you must clear up before you start business with internet marketing is are you engaging in it as add up for your extra income online or building a business as full time. If you are planning for a full time business in the web then you must at least replace your day job income. If it is for your extra income then you are looking for a part time internet marketing activity to supply you with extra money. This decision will determine the amount of time and effort that you will put in and also for the structure of your business or hobby.
If you are planning to make internet marketing as an extra job, then you do not need a product or affiliates. All you can do are some basic affiliate marketing by selling other peoples products. One of the best places to start making money online is to sign up with open affiliate marketing with ClickBank. In this way you do not your own website and there is no application process to become affiliate.
There are thousands of products you can sign up for affiliate in ClickBank. And one the best thing that you can sign up is ClickBank Pirate. All you have to do is design your website or blog with good content related to the affiliate offer you are marketing and insert your affiliate link to your content.
Internet marketing is a business that you must create more websites and blogs to drive traffic to your affiliate link. The better your content is the sooner or later some people will buy the product and you get your commission from it.
Internet marketing is a good way start business online. But in order to succeed you must exert more effort and time. There are too many competitions out there proper planning and right decision is essential in order to survive in this industry.…

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Home Business Tips – Are You Expanding In 2011?

Well, we’re almost at the end of the year. As of this article, there are only 13 days to go. Regardless of what level you might be at with your business, you probably have plans to expand it in 2011. Maybe you do but maybe you’re not exactly sure how to do that. Hopefully, after reading this article for inspiration, you’ll get a clue as to where you want to go.
First let me start off by saying that I have finally reached that point in my business where I have no desire to expand. The last thing I want is more work or more responsibility. Don’t ‘ll know when you’ve reached that point as well. But for now, where to go? How do you go about expanding?
You might want to think about moving away from a model where you’re constantly creating products to one where you have one continuity membership program. This way, you’re creating one thing and simply advertising for more members. With most continuity programs, it’s no more work to cater to 10,000 members as it is to 10 members. Simply set up a support desk, hire some people to run it, and you’re done.
But okay, maybe continuity programs are not your style and you prefer to just branch out into multiple products. The question becomes, how do you or deep? Well, there are advantages and disadvantages to both models. Let’s take wide first.
By going wide, you’re creating products in a number of different niches. The advantage of doing this is that you can create a number of low end products that are affordable enough so that you probably give yourself a decent chance of converting well, not that you can’t sell higher priced products. They just require a little more effort on the creation and promotion ends. The biggest disadvantage of selling low end products in multiple niches is that you’re constantly looking for new customers to sell to.
What about going deep? This is where you have a product line in one niche. The biggest advantage of doing this is that once you’ve made that first sale, you’ve got a customer for life if they’re happy with the product. Selling a more expensive product to that customer won’t be nearly as hard as converting a new customer. On the downside, once you start selling more expensive products, it does become a little harder to get people to open up their matter how dedicated a customer they are. Conversion percentage WILL go down the more expensive a product gets. However, you don’t have to sell as many to make the same profit.
These are a couple of ways to think about expanding your business for 2011. There are plenty more, but I’ll let you chew on these ideas for a while.
To YOUR Success,
Steven Wagenheim…