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Starting A Business

How to Quit Your Job – Tackling the Obstacles That Hold You Back

Talk to a bunch of people in a bar and you’re likely to find a few bitching about their job and how they’d wish they could call it a day. When you ask what they’d do instead, many have no really clear idea. This article is not for them.
Instead, let’s consider those who want to quit their job to set up a business of their own, but who fear to take such a big, decisive step as quitting the paycheck.
If you’re one of them, then you know quite well what you want to do. But because you know what you want to do, you’re also very aware of the obstacles, the reasons for NOT quitting your job.
Fear of Failure
Fear of failure holds many people back, whether they’re aware of it or not.
You have an idea for a business, but there’s no guarantee that you’re actually going to be successful. And having to go back to work with a failed business on your resume is not a prospect that appeals.
Fear of failure is something we all have to face at one time or another. With regards to quitting your job and setting up on your own, however, fear of failure need not hold you back.
Lay those fears to rest by proving to yourself that you have what it takes to run your own business. And the easiest way that’s done is by starting a business that does not require you to quit your job, a business you can run in your spare time.
This is even easier if you base your new, part-time business on a hobby or passion. On something you love and know a lot about. That way, building your business will not feel like work and fears associated with ‘running a business’ will be largely meaningless.
Start-up Capital
Many traditional businesses need a pot of start-up capital and in these financially uncertain times you may not be too keen to get into debt. So, if a traditional business is where your dreams are taking you, you may find yourself chained to your paycheck until you’ve saved enough money to get started.
Consider instead if you could run your ‘traditional’ business in a ‘non-traditional’ way, one that requires little start-up capital.
An online business is comparatively cheap to get off the ground and – if it is your dream to sell widgets – you could source a drop-shipping company to fulfil your orders, rather than set up a shop in the centre of town and hold all your own stock.
Time and Flexibility
Here’s another practical consideration that can look like a major obstacle. You don’t want to quit your job until your new business is off the ground. While all the while you know that the new business can’t really get off the ground while you’re working full-time.
But this is only true for businesses that require you to be present during office hours.
Instead, consider a business that can accept flexible hours, that you can deal with outside of your hours of employment. This means long hours for you – for a time – but if your business is your passion, you won’t really mind too much.
Quitting your job to start your own business need not be the huge, scary step it’s often made out to be. And not being able to quit your job just yet does not mean you cannot start your own business.
All it needs is a gradual approach. Choose a business that needs little start-up capital and that you can run in the time that’s available to you, base it on a hobby or passion of yours so that it feels more like fun than work and watch it take off.
Try this approach to start your own business, and you only need to quit your job when you are ready for it.…

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Business News Articles

What Are the Various Types of Email Campaigns a Winery Could Launch?

Wineries across the country are quickly learning that email marketing is hands down one of the best promotional tools on the planet. It is also quite versatile as the technique can be deployed in several ways to accomplish a wide variety of goals. Following are three types of email campaigns a winery can launch to bolster their marketing efforts:
1. News and Announcements
The most common types of email campaigns are used to distribute news about the company or important announcements to your audience. These variations are simple, straightforward, and highly effective. What makes them so powerful is that they tend to lend tremendous flexibility to the marketer. For example, a winery could deploy campaigns containing a press release highlighting a new product, or simply make an announcement about an upcoming wine tasting event. This type of email campaign works best when your message has one crystal clear call to action and is an easy read for scanners.
2. Email Newsletters
Newsletters make a perfect compliment to an email campaign. Instead of generating quick sales, however, their purpose usually involves building a relationship with your audience. The added benefit of course, is increased sales once you have earned their trust, but this method works best when you are focused on providing relevant, valuable content your readers can put to good use. For instance, a winery might send out a newsletter issue that concentrates on the health benefits of red wine, and then provide a list of brands that offer those same benefits. A newsletter gives you a lot of room to work with so feel free to let your creativity flow.
3. Drip Campaigns
Very successful in the real estate sector, drip email marketing campaigns are a great way to stay in touch with your audience and keep your brand in front of them. The best thing about this type of program is that instead of manually sending out your emails, you have them distributed by an automated system that does all the work, which keeps them coming steadily, and often slowly, hence the term “drip”. These campaigns can help a winery accomplish a broad range of targeted goals, including engaging new prospects, increasing attendance for events, or building hype around a big sale. While they generally require more effort in the beginning, they can also reward you with immeasurable benefits.
Launch the Right Campaign
It is important for a winery to make themselves familiar with the various types of email campaigns as not all are created equal. A newsletter might work best for one segment of your list, while an automated drip variation might be better suited for another. To figure out which is right, try testing one for a month or so and then take a look at your results. No matter what you decide on, you should make out very nicely as long as you focus on providing what your audience wants.…

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Business Line

Home Business Tips – Good Times & Bad Times

If you think that any business is immune to the effects of the world around it, think again. And yes, even food stores go out of business. The key to surviving is to understand how to make the best of both the good and the bad times. In this article, I’m going to share a few ideas that, hopefully, will keep you afloat even when things aren’t going so well.
Let’s start with when things are going well. Lots of business owners will sit back and relax during these times. They won’t do any research for future products or anything in looking towards the future. This is a big mistake. No economy in the history of our world has ever remained stagnant and that’s not likely to change any time soon. One must always be looking towards the future. The question is, how do we do this?
One way is to keep an eye on technology. I have found that changes in technology have a great impact on business, especially if your business depends on it. Let’s say you sell a product that is a piece of technology and somebody comes out with something that is better and cheaper. Unless you take your product and work on ways to improve it, you’re going to lose market share. There is no way around this.
What if you’re selling informational products? Information is always changing. Therefore, you have to constantly be aware of any changes. For example, if you’re in the alternative health niche, there are going to be new developments regularly. If you’re not aware of these developments, your product could become obsolete literally overnight. This is also true in the make money online niche. Many books on pay per click advertising become almost obsolete because of changes in PPC rules.
In bad times, this steady research is even more important. The first one to come out with the new breakthrough is going to be the first one to dig himself out of the hole he’s in. That’s why it is critical to always be aware of the changes around you. By doing this, you give yourself the best chance of keeping your home business in the black.
To YOUR Success,
Steven Wagenheim…

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Economic News

Using Continuity For Guaranteed Income

We could easily spend days talking about the masterful marketing techniques of the cruise industry. If you’ve never been on a cruise and you get the chance, you should take it. There are great marketing and business lessons to be learned on cruises. Just watching and paying attention to how they market everything and thinking about how it pertains to your business can make the cruise so worthwhile.
This isn’t about selling you onto a cruise. This is about lessons learned just by watching what others do. The cruise industry is an industry that really capitalizes on what they do.
First, they work with a very targeted audience, whoever’s on their ships. Now as a business owner, you might be thinking that’s only about a couple of thousand people, and you’d be right. So it’s important to the cruise line to capture that market and make the most of it every time they leave the port area.
One of the ways they capitalize on their numbers too, is by using continuity strategies. Take for example drinking on a cruise. They offer a drink of the day, every day. It’s a different drink every day and it comes in a souvenir cup every day. They charge you about $1.50 to $2.00 more for the drink in the souvenir cup, but you get to keep the fun cup they served it in.
Now, it’s a cruise, so you have to remember, people are on vacation. Most people will have a drink, or two, while they’re on vacation. Not everyone will drink alcohol so the cruise line also offers a soda club for guests. The point is, by offering this little bonus at just a small cost, they monopolize on the limited market available to them.
The cruise ships have a variety of services like this. They offer things like wine clubs, dinner clubs and soft drink clubs. They also offer pictures and all kinds of items you can buy just so you can remember your time on their ship. They provide all of these things at a small additional cost to you. So, even if only a small percentage of the people take advantage of their offer, and even if it’s only a dollar or two more per person, those additional profits can add up very quickly.
What extra services can you offer in your business that could get you a little more profit from clients who are already paying you for other things? What are the conveniences or little things you can provide your clients, for just a little bit more money than they’re already paying? Where is the hidden money in your business? Find it. Deliver these little conveniences or bonuses for that little bit more and see your results, and your profits, really soar.…

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Business Insider

Affiliate Marketing Success Tips

3 Things You Must Have Immediately – That Depend On You Starting In Affiliate Marketing!

How Much Money Can You Make With Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is used by some of the biggest companies on the web. Walmart, NetFlix, Amazon, eBay just to name a few, along with entrepreneurs, coaches, and small home-based businesses.

How they work – the strategy used? What is an affiliate marketing program?

Affiliate marketing is basically:

A� You become a salesperson that doesn’t actually work for the company. You make a sale for and get paid in commissions by the company. You become an affiliate, a partner, a colleague.

A� It is sort of like being paid for a referral. Sometimes it is for a say business coaching or an entrepreneur program/product that sales for $197, and you may earn $97 for each sale you refer.

A� It is an arrangement between a business/website publisher and you, the online sales person. The business pays you a percentage for all of the sales from your online efforts.

A� You send qualified buyers to the business’ website and they track the sales.

A� You know how much, from reading their affiliate information, you will be paid (a percentage of the sales revenue).

That is the basis of an affiliate marketing program. A lot of people are now coaching business entrepreneurs in this area of online sales – I coach entrepreneurs with this and much more; and then there are some other well-known talents that focus just on affiliate programs.

How much can you earn?

It depends on your:

Total focus and drive

Motivation to learn

Dedication and serious work

When you make a purchase using an affiliate link, you are not charged any more and it makes no difference to your clients (when they purchase from your affiliate link) – other than you earn a referral fee – so it is a bonus for you both – as your clients may purchase what they need, or find out information about something you recommend. You can start it now as a new business. or you can supplement any business you have. Learn how to use affiliate marketing to add to your income. We are now required to let others know that we are doing this – so it is all upfront – you may use something like I use:

DISCLOSURE -Of course, as a smart marketer, whenever possible the products I recommend are attached to an affiliate program! These are used and reviewed by Donna and she’ll receive a referral fee for any resulting sales – no extra charge is made to you. Ask me to teach you how to earn money as an affiliate.…

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Online Business

3 New Facebook Business Tips

1) Facebook Business Account
Facebook business accounts are designed for individuals who need Facebook for business purposes, but need to refrain from becoming sidetracked at work. Business accounts are designed for individuals who only want to use the site to administer Pages and their ad campaigns. It allows individuals to create a simple business presence by creating public business pages, however it offers limited access to the profiles of other people. Facebook users who already have a personal profile, the business account option is not available. However, users who create a business account can later convert it into a regular user profile. More information on Facebook’s business accounts can be found here.
2) Create a Business Fan Page
Many business people would like to add colleagues, co-workers and other business people to network with on their Facebook profile; however they face the issue of mixing their personal life with business. Creating a business Fan Page is the most obvious solution.
Pages give a business or brand an identity on Facebook. With a Page, those interested and following the brand can become “fans,” and when they do so, all their friends will see this and may become fans as well. Photos, videos, and information about the company can be shared on the fan page, and custom applications on your Page. All activity on Pages gets posted on a mini feed for fans see.
3) Advertise on Facebook
For businesses that have a product or service to sell, Facebook advertising is a relatively inexpensive method to gain exposure in front of millions of people worldwide. Facebook advertising is similar to Google Pay-Per-Click; however Facebook is generally less expensive as it is not as competitive yet. In addition, Facebook is obtaining more hits per month than Google!
When creating advertisements on Facebook, one can target specific audiences. Ads can be placed locally, to specific age groups, specific interests and languages. Ads can be displayed on a CPC (cost per click) basis, or per 1000 impressions. Businesses can advertise a separate website or a Facebook Fan Page, in order to obtain more fans.…

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Google My Business

Building An Online Business With A Blog

When you decide you want to create an online business it is an extremely scary and exciting feeling. There are many ways you can go about making money online and some will work great, but the majority will flop. The first thing you will need to do is decide what type of presence you would like to start and for those who do not know how to program web sites with HTML, XHTML, and XML the best option is starting a blog. People without any experience can actually become millionaires if their blog takes off and is enjoyed by the general public. Usually the best way to go about blogging is catering to a specific niche rather than creating a general blog, but this is by no means a rule cut in stone. One thing about blogging is people make it by finding their own path and learning what works and what makes money from experience rather than following the exact example or rules laid down by another blogger. There is no handbook telling you exactly what you have to do and the possibilities for your blog are truly limitless.
Now if you are starting a blog in the intention of perhaps someday working from home full time doing a little research will be needed. Think about everything you are truly interested in whether it be creating model cars, business, fishing, or anything else. What do you know about and what can you write about these will be key to the success of your blog. Find something which no matter how little traffic you are getting you will still be able to write about the subject. Once you have an idea on what you would like to blog about the next step will be checking the amount of traffic terms on the topic are generating monthly. You can find this out simply by going to and typing in a term related to your new blog idea. If you are thinking about starting a fishing blog go ahead and type in “fishing blog” and this tool will bring up the amount of monthly traffic as well as other terms and the traffic related to the term you entered.
Once you have terms picked out that have quite a bit of traffic you should start writing content with those terms frequently used. This will help Google understand that your blog should be ranked for the terms just make sure they work well within your content. It is important to also be considering how you are going to build free web traffic. Personally I recommend getting traffic from the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. You will need to build plenty of links from places such as general directories and article directories if you ever want to see first page on the search engines for the keywords that you chose. If you need a list of directories start by submitting your website to this free web directory then moving onto the list over at . Once you are done submitting to all the free directories go ahead and search Google for “list of article directories”. Google will bring up tons of different lists which you can use to submit your articles and begin ranking higher and building traffic.…